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Wi-fi, Network and Internet. What's the difference?
Wi-fi, Network and Internet. What's the difference?

What does wi-fi and Internet actually mean? Are they the same? What happens to Bustle if either is not working?

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Wi-fi, network, router, internet. When someone starts saying those words... the brain fog rolls in!!  - If this is you, you're definitely not alone. 

Your network/router explained


You'll likely know this one well and you may refer to it as the modem. It's the box with the flashing lights that printers and computers plug into. The router manages everything - Wi-fi, network, Internet and all your connected devices.


When we refer to wi-fi, we mean the radio signal that gets created by your router. This signal has a limited range and it allows your iPads, phones and other wireless devices to connect to each other as well as to any devices plugged into the router. 

Whether you have internet access or not - this radio signal allows your iPad to talk to your printers.


Think of your network as everything that plugs into or is connected wirelessly to your router, including the router itself.
The exception here is the Internet. While internet access plugs in via the router, the "internet" itself sits outside of your network.


The internet is the access to the world wide web where you browse websites like your Bustle Hub, or google. Once you plug the router into the wall socket ( that is set up and managed by your internet provider), all devices on your network can access the internet.

What does it mean when one of these isn't working?

So let's look at what happens if we have issues on any part of the network.

Internet unavailable, but Wi-fi still working

  • You can still print and cash drawer will still open

  • Bustle app will still record orders and send them to the kitchen

  • Your eftpos may be unavailable or switch to an offline mode

  • Tabs will stop syncing across multiple iPads until Internet restored

  • Your Bustle Hub will not update until Internet restored 

Wifi having issues, Internet still accessible

  • You may be unable to print or open cash drawer or these things may be slow or intermittent.

  • Bustle app will still record orders/transactions

  • Integrated eftpos may not work

  • Orders may not print to kitchen / barista

  • Your Bustle Hubwill likely still keep updating

  • Tabs should still sync across tills

Rebooting your router should fix this in most cases but if issues continue, you will need to look at upgrading your router

Wifi Down, Internet not accessible 

  • Bustle app will still record orders/transaction in offline mode

  • Printers will not work - no orders or receipts printed

  • Cash drawer will not open automatically

  • Eftpos may not work or will be in offline mode

  • Your Bustle Hub will not update until issue is fixed

  • Tabs will not sync across tills

Rebooting your router should fix this but if not, the router may be faulty and need urgent replacement.

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