If you haven't added the printer to your network, click here first:

Once you printer has been added to the network...

Please watch our video or follow the instructions below. Please note that if you are on our Small plan, your account is limited to one printer and a single docket per order.

Open the posBoss iPad Till App:

  • Press the Settings icon at the top right of the screen to open the menu.

  • Press Printers.

This is where you set up posBoss to talk to the printers you have plugged in to your router, or paired via bluetooth.

The general printing settings appear on the right. These determine when you print order dockets and receipts.

  1. These three settings determine whether you are prompted for printing orders and receipts when paying or closing a tab window. Orders = Kitchen/bar/coffee order dockets. Receipts = Customer GST receipts

  2. This setting determines whether you group printed orders based on your menu sections (best for courses) or if you print orders based on how the items are entered on the order. (this is available on posBoss release 4.5.7)

  3. This setting determines whether the cash draw pops when you select Card as the payment type.

  4. This area will show you any sections from the menu that aren’t allocated to a printer. If any sections are showing here then no items from that section will print for orders. These sections are added under the individual printers settings (No. 6 below)

To set up your printers:

Press Add Printer or select an already existing printer from the left. The printer’s settings window will open (as below). 

If you have multiple printers, make sure you set up the printer with your cash drawer attached first.

posBoss Printer Settings - Set up Printer

Let’s look at the options…

  1. Add a new printer.

  2. Press the button to activate the printer for setup and use.

  3. Select the brand of the printer from our list of supported Star Micronics or Epson printers. (please note an Epson U220B is a Dot matrix printer)

  4. Enter a name for the printer.

  5. The Network IP address or MAC address of the printer. These are the printers that are found on the network your iPad is connected to. Press the Search for Printers button and then select your printer. 

  6. Tap to set up which menu sections print to which printer for orders (eg: food to kitchen printer, drinks to counter printer).

  7. Activate the printer to print receipts. (ie: don’t turn this on for a kitchen printer).

  8. Print a cash up summary after you press submit on a cash up.

  9. Opens your till drawer (plugged into the printer) automatically on payment.

  10. Once your printer and cash drawer are set up, press these buttons to test your setup.

*Please note with bluetooth printers you will need to successfully pair them with the iPad before they will appear in the search results.

Permission for posBoss to access your network

While setting up you printer or printing for the first time after a reinstall of posBoss, you may me prompted to allow access for posBoss to your local network. Click OK or you will not be able to print from posBoss.

posBoss permissions to your network

Should you have selected Don't Allow by error, check out this article on how to get it fixed up.


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