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How to create your menu items, add modifications and setup your menu

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Your menu is built on your Bustle hub

Please Note:

  • Any changes you make to your menu need to be Saved then sync your menu in the Bustle iPad app to make the changes appear there for use.

  • The Small plan is restricted to a one page menu with three sections + limits on menu items (40) and mods (50).

  • Medium and Large plans can have up to 5 pages on their menu, with 10 sections and no limits on items.

Creating your menu layout

The first step when getting your delicious menu onto Bustle is to create your menu layout. This will allow you to add your items to the correct page and section as you create them.

Head to Setup > Menu Builder

On this page you can create items, create the layouts of your iPad menu or online menu, edit the menu name, and save your changes.

Let's look at the layout options on the iPad menu.

Menu Pages

1 for small plan , 5 max for med/lge plans

Press the +page button to add and name a new page, or double click on the page name to rename it.

Menu Sections

3 max for small plan, 10 max per page for med/lge plans

Click on an existing section's name to rename or delete it (deleting will remove the items within the section from the menu).

Click +Add Section to add another section.

Save early and often

Keep saving as you go to avoid losing your changes. Do this on the popup or use the save button at the top of the page.

Creating new menus and switching between them.

Please take a look at our article on how to do this, below

Moving sections around

You can move sections up or down on a page (but not between pages) by clicking or pressing on the small handle and dragging into position.

Delete a page

You can delete a page by clicking the bin icon. Please note that any sections and items will also be removed when a page gets deleted.

Page Colour Scheme

you can select a simple colour scheme for each page by clicking the colour bar. Select your colour and press Save.

Setting up Items in Sections

From the Menu Builder page you can drag and drop items from your inventory list on the left to the menu or remove them by dragging from the menu to the inventory list.

And now you have set up your page and section layout, you can add items to the menu from within the item record itself, which brings us to...

Creating your menu items

Make sure you're logged in to your Bustle hub and click this link to pop up a tour of creating a menu item. It only takes a few minutes and guides you through the whole process.

Once you create your menu or make any changes, open the Bustle iPad Till App, press the settings icon (Top Right) and press the Sync Menu button. 

Make your menu shine online!

Once you've got your menu set up, it's time to get your amazing menu looking great online.

More on how to make your online menu shine in this article... and then check out Bustle Online - QR ordering and table pay.

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