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Company Settings

Set up your PIN, company name, reporting settings and more!

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To access your Company settings, click the Settings cog at the top right of your Bustle hub then select Company Settings.

NB: To make any changes from this page appear on your iPad or receipt printing, press save and then head to the Bustle iPad app (Settings > Sync Menu

Outlet Settings

The section at the top contains your Cash Up pin code as well as your Company Name and Outlet Information.

Reporting Settings

These settings apply to all reporting across the site (including the Dashboard). Select your time zone here as well as which day of the week and time of the day your reporting starts.

Cash Up Graph Settings

Here is where you can add in your growth margin and variance margin settings that work with the graph on your Cash Ups page. We recommend setting your total take margin to around 2% and cash up variance to around 2.5% (i.e. for every $100 taken - if you are out by more than $2.50, this is flagged for you to review)

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