iPad Not Syncing to your Bustle hub

My data is not appearing on your Bustle hub dashboards or reports.

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Most likely causes - network/router issue.
Important: DON’T delete the Bustle iPad app until the issue is fixed.

Quick Fixes

  1. Check the iPad is on the correct Wi-fi and internet access is working - browse to a news site - are you seeing the latest news from today?

  2. Fully close and restart the Bustle app and reboot iPad

  3. Reboot your router. Turn it off for a full two minutes, then back on. (If you have Star Printers - check the printer’s IP address afterwards by pressing Search for printers in Settings > Printers as it may changed after reboot)

  4. Check with your Internet provider to see if there are any known service issues.

  5. Are all of your iPads running the correct Apple operating system (iOS) to be using Bustle? Check out this article. If you have an older iPad in the mix, you may need to consider retiring it and purchasing a newer one.


Bustle needs to be connected to the internet to send all your data through to your Bustle Hub. When Offline, the data will keep trying to sync until you get back online.

Here’s some further steps to follow to get back online.

  1. Check the colour of the cloud at the top left of the main Bustle screen. It should be green with a tick. If not, press the cloud for a little more info and follow any instructions.

  2. Go to Settings > History and scroll through the orders/transactions. Are there any showing red exclamation marks or all with green ticks?

Any red showing is a sure sign that the iPad is not connecting with the internet. Try the following and check if things are working after each step.

  1. Try removing the iPad from the network and connecting again. Go to the iPad settings > Wi-Fi and click the blue information (i) button at the far right. Press “Forget This Network”. Locate the network and log into it again using the password.

  2. Try turning off the router again for a full 1-2 minutes then restarting it. Leave it for another couple of minutes. If you have Star printers, the IP address may have changed so you’ll need to search for printers again in the Bustle printer settings.

  3. Try setting up a personal hotspot from a mobile phone that’s not connected to the wi-fi network (Use 3G/4G). Connect the iPad to the hotspot and check if the cloud changes colour or the transactions are starting to sync. If so, there is an issue with the router or internet connection.

The above should fix or pinpoint the cause of most connectivity issues. If you’re still not up and running, please get in touch with Bustle support so we can assist further.

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