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Delete and Reinstall the posBoss iPad App
Delete and Reinstall the posBoss iPad App

How to delete and reinstall the posBoss app from the iPad - fixes data and crashing issues

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Before deleting, prepare the following:

  1. Your posBoss email and password - you will need to log back into the app

  2. Apple ID and password - you may need this if you've set up the iPad to require a password for updates/installs

  3. Is your iPad on iOS12 or later? Apple no longer allows very old iPads to access older versions of Apps on the App store so you may no longer be able to access posBoss. If this is the case, you will need to upgrade your iPad to a newer version rather than going through this process.

  4. Integrated Eftpos - Head to Settings > Eftpos and note down your details (IP Address, 8 digit pin etc) as you will need to head back here and re-enter this.

  5. Go to Settings > History and make sure all the orders and transactions have a green tick against them. If there are any with red exclamation marks, these records are not synced with the cloud and will be removed if you reinstall. (If this is the case, click the button below to try and resolve:

If all ticks are green - you're good to go! 

Close out of the posBoss app and then delete it by pressing and holding the app icon for a few seconds. Then click the X at the top left (iOS 13+ will pop a menu with Delete App at the top - press that to delete)

Delete posBoss App from iPad

Head to the App Store on the iPad's home screen.

App Store

Search for posBoss

Search for posBoss

Select posBoss once it appears and press the download button (as shown).

Download posBoss App from iPad

Once posBoss has downloaded, open the app. You will need to sign in again with your posBoss credentials, then select the till you're after and press confirm. 

Test your printers and eftpos are working. Full testing instructions below:

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