This article assumes you've been in touch with us and have your posBoss event account activated. 

Here's what you need to know!

Step 1 - Set up your items and menu

Build your items:

And design the menu:

Step 2 - Settings, Logo, GST and Devices

Settings are found on the Management Site under Settings > posBoss Settings. Click below for more:

Then add your devices. Set up and name as many devices as you have iPads for the event.
Go to Settings > Devices > Add Device and add them, with a name and a three letter code. If you're printing order dockets, make sure you set up the iPads with different First Order numbers.

Step 3 - Using the iPad App

Download the posBoss iPad app on all your iPads - sign in with your management site email and password.

Here are all the videos you need to understand and use the iPad app. They are short and informative and can be used to train your teams. Anything unclear? Pop into training mode (Settings > Start Training) on the app and give it a go.

And finally - some important hints and tips

  • After any change saved on the management site (menu, settings) you need to Sync Menu on all iPads to download the changes (Settings > Sync Menu)
  • This article assumes that the hardware is being set up for you. If not, head to HARDWARE SETUP and PRINTERS.
  • Any other questions, search for a keyword in our Help Centre or get in touch with us through the support messenger on the Management site - or email

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