You're live! Awesome work... So... what happens now?

1 - Tell all your regulars!

Let your regulars know to download the Regulr app in the Apple App store and Android's Google Play. 

Once they're set up with a valid credit card entered, they'll be able to search nearby outlets, find yours, and add you as their first regular!

2 - You receive their order!

Get them to try it out (or try it out yourself). Orders will appear on the till you set up as your Order Receiving Device. Make sure this till is manned or checked regularly as you don't want to miss one.
If you use our Emoji Staff logins the posBoss logo in the middle of the screen will wobble when an order arrives...

Once logged in or if you aren't using Emoji staff Logins, the order will appear on screen like below...

  • On the right, the details of the order along with any notes will appear.
  • On the left the screen is taken over by the Regulr order... 
  • ...which is where you accept, cancel or snooze the order by dragging the square to the appropriate emoji, then releasing.

One thing to note: if you are in the middle of a transaction, the Regulr order will not appear until you have paid or closed the tab. Be careful not to leave an unfinished order on the screen.

Here's what the three Emojis mean:

👍- Accept: Automatically prints the order and sends a notification to the Regulr customer.

😴- Snooze: Removes the order from screen and allows you to process your next order/transaction. Once complete, the Regulr order will return.

❌- Cancel: Removes the order from the screen and notifies the Regulr customer that the order was unsuccessful.

3 - Order completed and assigned to their account

From here, you go about your normal business and prepare the order ready for pickup.
The order is automatically assigned to their account in the posBoss app (the account is created when they first order). There is now a new section in accounts called Mobile, where the Regulr accounts will appear. 

Customers can pop into the outlet and pay off their account any time before Sunday or leave the bill to be paid automatically every Sunday via their credit card.

4 - View your Regulr progress

On the Dashboard, you will see a new section showing your Regulr sales. For your financial reports, head to Stripe!

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