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Changing your credit card for Bustle payments
Changing your credit card for Bustle payments

How to update Bustle if you have a new Card, or replacing due to unsuccessful subscription payments?

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Super easy! 

Bustle accepts visa or mastercard credit or debit cards.

  • Head to your Bustle Hub, Click the Settings button (the little cog symbol ⚙️) at the top right of the site then select Subscription

  • Click Manage your Billing, to change your credit card

  • Enter your details and you're good to go!

If your subscription payment was unsuccessful

When a charge for your subscription is unsuccessful, the system will automatically retry a few times over the next few days. So if you have topped up or switched over the card - you should be sorted.

If there's more to it, let us know and we'll see what we can do to help!

If your subscription got cancelled

If your subscription has expired (4 payment failures) or if you don't see the Manage your Billing button, you will need to re-select your plan. Press Manage Subscription then select your plan and any add ons. You will need to add in your new credit card at the end of the process.

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