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Restart your subscription when cancelled
Restart your subscription when cancelled

My iPads were kicked out - How do I get up and running again?

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After an initial payment failure, Bustle subscriptions attempt to charge 3 more times over a week (notifying failures via email) before cancelling the subscription. If the subscription is then not restarted within three days of this, the iPads automatically lock out.

Please do try to reach out to us before this so we can help but should your subscription be cancelled:

  • There may be a small fee applied after you set up again. This covers the time in arrears (7-10 days) plus an administration fee.

  • you will need to re-enter a valid credit card using the process below.

How to get it working again:

  • Head to your Bustle hub and log in.

  • Click the Settings cog at the top right of the site then select Subscription

  • Press the Manage Your Subscription button.

  • On this page  you will need to select how often you want to pay, your base plan, and any add-ons. 

  • Double check you have selected correctly and press the Let's Do It button at the bottom of the page.

  • Enter in your credit card details and press the pay button to activate.

From here you will be able to log into your iPads again using your Bustle email and password.

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