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Integrated eftpos transaction issues
Integrated eftpos transaction issues

Intermittent problems with Bustle not being able to connect to eftpos terminals.

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With so many working parts to a transaction, we do expect the odd issue when eftpos is integrated. The following things need to work together for every transaction:

posBoss Eftpos Tracking

How it works:

Bustle sends out the amount of the bill to the eftpos terminal over your network/ router or the internet. All going well, we receive a success or fail message back from the terminal. Sometimes, these signals can get interrupted along the way and Bustle receives the wrong message or no response. 

The three main issues experienced are:

The first issue is general slowness - transactions taking 30 seconds or more the get to the eftpos machine and back to Bustle.

The second issue: the transaction goes through to the terminal but the Bustle payment doesn’t close off as successful. We have recently made a change to help with this. Click the button below to see how to save these transactions manually as "Card payments".

The third issue: the transaction is sent out by Bustle but doesn’t make it to the eftpos terminal and closes off. In this case, you do need to recreate the bill. This will put your cash up out. 

You have two options from here. Refund the initial bill back to cash (Your cash will be down and card up but they will balance against each other) or... in a quiet period before cash up, you can switch off the eftpos integration, refund the bill to card and then switch it back on again. 

To disconnect - head to Settings > Eftpos. Press the button at the top right of the window and Disconnect. Then pop back in and reconnect when the refund is completed.

What to look at if this is happening frequently

We don't expect this to happen a lot. The main cause for ongoing issues is due to the wi-fi network and router not being able to handle everything happening on it. Being able to browse the internet does not rule out that the router may be struggling. There are also a few things you can look at from a Bustle maintenance perspective. Let's go through them.


Sometimes a reboot of the router is all that's needed to clear things up. However, this may only work temporarily.. Check out our  full network recommendations below. 

If you still have issues you may need to contact a network professional. Check out our Partners page to see if we have a recommended tech in your area.

iPad and Bustle maintenance

See below for our recommended maintenance:

And finally, a couple of other things to check would be that you have enough space on your iPad.

  1. Check how full the iPad is: iPad Settings > General > Storage & iCloud usage. How much space is showing in Available? (you'll want at least 25% free space)

And lastly, try a Bustle delete and reinstall when you have 5-10 minutes free. This will ensure yo have no app issues.

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