Two tabs appearing on one table

How to deal with double tabs on a table and what causes it.

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You can get two tabs appearing on a table but it should not be a common occurrence. This happens if a table is created on two iPads at the same time, before they have had a chance to sync with each other.

posBoss Table Layout Tabs

How do I fix it?

You can merge both or move one of the tabs to another table using our Move function.

  • Select one of the tabs - Select Tab - so it is open on screen.

  • Press the Options button at the top right of the tab then press Move

  • Locate and press the same table again from the layout to merge the tabs (or select a new table if you want to split it out)

  • If Splitting - Select a new or existing table and follow the usual move process. You're done!

  • If Merging - You will see both tabs. Press Select Tab on the one you didn't select earlier. (if you press the same one by accident it won't do anything)

  • The Move window will appear - Press Move All to merge the tabs.

  • Press Settle the Tab to remove/delete the empty tab 

posBoss Move Tab
  • You will now have one tab with the orders from both and you can get back to providing awesome service!

Is this happening often?

If so, you may need to look at your process and decide on who is allowed to do table moves - or ask the team to only use one of the iPads to do moves.

Bustle is a cloud-based system that needs to use the internet to connect devices. Please keep in mind that there is a 15 second sync time between devices and that tabs should not be kept open on screen -  close them once you're finished.

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