One tab showing on two tables

What to do when one tab appears on two tables and what causes it.

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It should be a very rare occurrence that two tables show the same tab. This would only happen if a table was moved on two iPads to two different tables at the same time - before the iPads have had a chance to sync.

How do I tell if this has happened?

you will know this has occurred if  you go to the List view (top right) ahd there is only one table (of the two) showing. Also, when you try to move a table, you will notice that the two tables appear in orange.

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How do I fix it?

In this case, the two tables will become available again when the tab is settles on one of them. The other one will disappear - so you do not have to (and shouldn't try to) settle both.

If the tab is incorrectly showing on a table that you need to use for another guest, you can move the tab to an unused table. In the case there is no unused tables - you would need to pop into the Table Builder in settings and create a table temporarily that you could use to move it out of the way.

Is this happening often?

If so, you may need to look at your process and decide on who is allowed to do table moves - or ask the team to only use one of the iPads to do moves.

Bustle is a cloud system that needs to use the internet to connect devices. Please keep in mind that there is a 15 second sync time between devices and that tabs should not be kept open on screen - close them once you're finished.

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