NB: Wi-fi printers need a commercial router with a very stable and robust Wi-fi network to work effectively. If you have any concerns or questions - please get in touch with us through the support channel

To set up your Star TSP143IIIWLAN Wifi  printer ready for configuration in posBoss, please do the following:

  1. Turn the Star Wi-Fi printer on. 
  2. Hold the Pair button on back of printer until blue light starts flashing (2 secs).
  3. Push the WPS button on your router.
  4. If successful: The printer will print a Network configuration docket. If not successful: You will see a printout displaying ‘no connection’. 
  5. If you get the no connection printout, try steps 2 & 3 again
  6. If connection is successful: Configure the printer in the posBoss iPad App using the instructions below (NB: add it as a Star Ethernet printer)

Optional Extra: For extra stability you can download the driver and set a static IP as per Star’s instructions that come in the printer box.

When configuring the printer for posBoss

Follow this process but note the specific settings below

Your printer will appear as follows when found:

posBoss Printer Setup

Make sure to Select Star Micronics TSP143III Ethernet under Printer in the settings - and you're away!


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