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Split payments when using the multiplier on an item.
Split payments when using the multiplier on an item.

How to split items for payment that have been added using the multiplier

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In Bustle version 5.2, we have changed how the multiplier works. It now allows you to split a multiplied item if the items are saved in a customer tab, or at payment time.

WARNING: Only use the splitting functionality if all your Bustle iPads are setup with version 5.0.0 or later. Versions earlier than 5 won't handle this function and will need to be updated to version 5.0. If the iPad is on an old and non-supported version of Bustle and unable to get to the latest version, it will need to be removed from your Bustle setup and replaced with a supported iPad.

How to split a multiplied item in Bustle version 5.2

Splitting an item saved in a customer tab

In version 5.2, we have added back the collating of multiple items (e.g. x5 Flat white as opposed to 5 individual Flat whites on the order)

Once the item is saved in a customer tab, you can reopen the tab and split the items by swiping from left to right on the item (the opposite of swiping to void). Press Split Item to split...

The calculator will appear. Enter in the number of items you want to split off from the original and press confirm.

The number of items you have entered will split from the original number and can then be paid off.

Splitting an item at payment

The same process works for splitting items at payment time. To pay, select Items and swipe from left to right on the item you want to split.

Press split item, enter in the number of items to split off and press confirm.

The number of items selected will be sent across to the payment area and can be paid off as normal with whatever other items are added for payment.

How to split items in older versions of Bustle

If you are on an older version of Bustle, the multiplier functionality doesn't allow splitting. You will need to upgrade to the latest version of Bustle.

However, here's a couple options that we've designed to be quicker than using the multiplier:

Swipe - Try swiping an item button towards the order. Swiping adds the base item to the order quickly, plus any default required mods. This is far quicker than using the multiplier.

posBoss Swipe to Order

Two finger tap - For more complex items with mods added. After the item is added to the order, tap the order item with 2 fingers. This will clone the item.

posBoss 2 Finger Tap to Reorder

Check out this and more in our iPad app training videos:

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