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Set up Bustle’s paperless order docket option aka. kitchen display screen (KDS)?

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Let’s get Paperless!

Ready to get set up and save some trees?

To send order dockets to an iPad screen with Paperless you will need to have a Bustle account, be on our Paperless add-on plan and have an iPad running iOS11 or greater. The cost to your business is only $39 per month to ditch those printers, save the trees and get Paperless!

I'm keen to get started. What do I do?

Step 1 - Head to the App Store!

Now you’ve added Paperless to your Bustle subscription, grab the iPad(s) you’ll be using to display order dockets and head to the App Store. Search for Paperless and download the app There may be a cloud like below or it may say GET).

Step 2 - Login! Wow this couldn’t be easier!

Locate your username and password for Paperless and follow the instructions in this article before coming back here...

Step 3 - Completion

Set up a new Paperless location for this iPad by typing in the location name in the field at the top, then pressing Create.

Paperless Location

You’ll then be prompted to select the menu sections you want orders displayed for at this iPad's location. Touch the sections to select and get the old tick happening. Make sure you scroll down to make sure you have gone through all your sections.

Paperless Sections to Display

If you have already set up a location, you can Copy it to automatically select the same menu sections to display, or you can Replace/Recover the location.

Paperless - Copy, Replace or Recover

At this point you’ll get a small tutorial taking you through the basics and from here, there's only one more thing to do. Press the Settings button (shaped like a cog) at the top right. This will open the screen pictured below.

Here you can:

  • Sync Device - required after you make changes to your items, sections or menu.

  • Configure Device - rename the location, enable/disable the notification sound for new orders and change the font size.

  • Menu Sections To display - select or de-select your menu sections for orders to appear in Paperless

  • Swipe Tutorial - pops up the tutorial on the Paperless basics.

Paperless Settings


And just like that, you're LIVE! So what’s next? 

Let’s take a look…

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