Recommendations before updating

  • Turn off auto updates on your iPads, and update when the new version of posBoss is available in the App store for all of them.

  • Run updates after service - when you have time to fix any issues.

How to update posBoss

Updating the posBoss app is as easy as updating any app on your phone or iPad. Simply head to the Apple App store...

The App Store

and locate the updates (will differ depending on the age of the iPad).

Locate posBoss or search for us and press the Update or Download button.

Important note: We recommend a manual update for the smoothest and most stable upgrade experience. Click the button below to find out how.

How will the update install?

When the upgrade is running you may see the screen below. It should only take 15-30 seconds to complete. 

If it has taken longer than 3 minutes, please follow the process below to fully delete and reinstall posBoss to get things back on track.

After the process has completed successfully, posBoss will open. If there are any further actions required, you will see an exclamation mark displayed on the device status icon.

posBoss Device Status Icon

Tap on the icon for further information and follow the instructions.

For those with automatic app updates on (not recommended):

posBoss will install in the background some point over the next week. If you do have any issues (kicked out to login screen or unable to log in) please follow the delete process below.

Whoops, we have an issue after the release. What do I do?

To manually upgrade or If you do have any problems, a full delete and reinstall of posBoss should sort you out and only take a couple of minutes.

If issues continue, please get in touch straight away and we’ll be right with you to get you working again.

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