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How to pay off a Regulr tab in-store
How to pay off a Regulr tab in-store

How do I pay a mobile order off by cash or card?

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Paying off a Regulr order in-store is easy. If you already use accounts it's exactly the same process - and the customers avoid the 99c transaction fee for using payments through Regulr. Here's how its done!

Paying off a mobile account on the iPad

With the customer in-store or at the door, press the Settings icon on the Bustle iPad app and then press Accounts & Vouchers.

Press Mobile for all the Regulr customers and scroll or search for them. Once located, press the record to make it active and you'll see what balance is owed.

Press Pay Account.

Make sure to pay off the whole account (not a partial payment) and you can pay by Card or Cash. If they have paid another way and you don't need the money to be reported on through Bustle, pay it by Clear Balance.

And you're done!! The balance of the Regulr account will be $0.00 and no charges will be made on Sunday through the app.

Can customers pay another way?

Of course this is not the only way to pay. Regulr customers can use the tab system to pay their bill (note - they pay a 99c fee for all payments through the tab system) For a full breakdown, check out this article...

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