How do I do a 'cash out'?

How do I do a cash out for a customer's eftpos transaction and how do I record petty cash receipts for when I've taken cash out of the till?

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There are two things that can be referred to as 'cash out'.ย 

  1. Recording a customer receiving cash as part of their eftpos transaction.

  2. Recording your petty cash receipts for monies taken out of the till. (see further down the page)

Eftpos Cash Out

There are two ways this can be done: As part of a bill payment or a separate cash out transaction.

To use the cash out function along with payment, head to the payment screen and when ready, select the Payment with Cash Out button, to the right of the card button.

To process a cash out without payment, ensure you have a an empty order, then swipe right on the Pay button at the bottom of the screen. Press Cash Out

Both of these options take you to the Cash Out window. Enter in the amount of the cash out eftpos transaction and press the Cash Out button below.

Processing Petty Cash Receipts

Petty Cash receipts are calculated at the end of the shift in the cash up process. After the cash drawer is counted, press next to get to the Cash screen. On this page, enter in the total amount of any petty cash receipts into the field called
โ€‹Plus Petty Cash Receipts.

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