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Changing/switching eftpos provider or replacing terminals
Changing/switching eftpos provider or replacing terminals

What do I need to change in posBoss to switch to a new integrated eftpos provider or change / replace a new terminal?

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If you're already set up with integrated eftpos (where posBoss automatically sends the bill amount to the terminal) then there are a few easy steps to get you on to your new eftpos terminal.

Make sure you follow these steps when you have a bit of time - after service is best.

Step 1

Disconnect your current eftpos on the posBoss Pad till app. To do this, press the Settings button at the top right of the app, then press Eftpos.

Here you are looking for a button called Disconnect. You may need to press the small settings button on this eftpos window to locate it.

Press Disconnect

Step 2

If changing provider - Change your eftpos provider in the posBoss management site. Go to Setup > iPad Setup. Select your new provider.

Step 3

Sync your menu and then Close and restart the posBoss app.

Head to step 4 - but if you do have any issues from there you may need to do a full Delete & Reinstall the posBoss iPad app using these instructions

Step 4

Locate and follow the Setup article for your new eftpos terminal. Search here in the Search for articles... window in the help centre for your eftpos provider and click on their "Initial Setup" article.

As always, reach out to support via the messenger if you get stuck!

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