Let's get posBoss and Smartpay talking!

Before we start here's some things to note

Do I need to be on a specific plan?

You will need the CONTROL add-on.
Our Control add-on not only provides you the ability to connect your Eftpos terminal to posBoss it also gives you a number of extra benefits such as recipe builder, stock control & staff tracking. All for only $20 + gst a month.

Not on Control? Head to Settings by clicking your company name at the top right of your management site then select Subscription and add it to your plan.

With Smartpay, depending on your terminal, you can be set up with Smartlink or SmartConnect. If you are using SmartConnect - this article is not the one. Head on over here.

What Terminals can be setup with posBoss?

Smartlink integration is available with:

  • Smartpay D210 (mobile Wifi)

  • Smartpay S80 + S300 (hardwired counter-top)

  • Smartpay S800+ S300 (hardwired counter-top)

  • Smartpay S800(hardwired counter-top)

  • Smartpay S920 (In Wifi mode only - may show an error in posBoss when setting up but ignore error and test)

Once you integrate the device with the posBoss till app, it is locked down so that every Eftpos transaction must go through posBoss. You cannot use it separately.

Will I need to make changes to my router or network?

We highly recommend having a dedicated network, solely for posBoss and Smartpay if you are setting up integrated eftpos. Other devices joining the network can cause communication issues.

Getting Set Up

Set up the terminal with Smartpay

Once you receive the terminal give Smartpay a call and ask them:

  • to get you set up with Smartlink

  • for the terminal to have a Static IP

  • to show you how to find the IP address

Set up posBoss for eftpos

Select your provider in Setup > iPad Setup on your Management site.

Here you will see the Eftpos Integration selector Click inside the button where it says None then select your provider.

Click Save then make sure you press sync menu in posBoss app on your iPad as detailed below...


  1. In the posBoss till app go to: Settings > Press Sync Menu.

  2. After syncing is finished, fully close and restart the posBoss till app (press the iPad’s home button twice, and swipe up on posBoss to close).

  3. Open the posBoss till app again then: Settings > Eftpos > Connect

  4. Locate the IP address from your Eftpos terminal and enter the IP address of the Eftpos terminal into the field at the top called Smartpay Terminal IP Address, replacing the default text.

  5. Test by pressing Logon. The terminal will run its test and should then print out a success message. (Please note: As mentioned above, the s920 terminal will show an error on the setup page but should work fine in "live" mode.)

posBoss iPad App - Smartpay Eftpos Admin Functions


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