Do you have a Windcave terminal? Let's get your terminal and posBoss talking!

Before we start here's some things to note

Integration is included on our Control subscription add-on.
Not on Control? Head to Settings by clicking your company name at the top right of your management site then select Subscription and add it to your plan.

What terminals can I use?

Integration is available with all Windcave terminals but the preferred terminals are the CHU200M, Move5000 & IWL25C.

Please Note: We highly recommend having a dedicated network, solely for posBoss and Windcave if you are setting up integrated eftpos. Other devices joining the network can cause communication issues.

Getting Set Up

1. Set up the Eftpos terminal for integration with posBoss

Once you receive the terminal give Windcave a call and ask them:

  • to configure the terminal and finalise the activation for integrated Eftpos with posBoss directly.

  • to provide you with the connection information - called the HIT credentials.

HIT Credentials will appear like this:

  • ScrHITUserId: YourCompanyNameMOVEHIT

  • ScrHITKey: 12da2e895fce807a04206ee4b37c9903c90f048657a513561a104f2da0a8d9b0

  • StationID: 3801454109

We recommend you send this information to your iPad where you can copy and paste it into the fields in posBoss as the key is quite long.

2. Set up posBoss for eftpos integration

Head to the posBoss Management site (
Select your provider in Onsite menu > posBoss iPads on your Management Site.

Here you will see the Eftpos Integration selector. Click inside the button where it says None then select your provider. (Payment Express - this will soon be updated to Windcave).

and finally, click Save.

Once your integration option is saved:

  1. In the posBoss iPad till app go to: Settings and press Sync Menu.

  2. After syncing is finished, fully close and restart the posBoss iPad till app (press the iPad’s home button twice, and swipe up on posBoss to close).

  3. Open the posBoss iPad till app again then: Settings > Eftpos and select Payment Express then press Connect.

  4. Follow the instructions on the page and complete the three fields with the information provided by Windcave.

  5. Press Connect

posBoss connect to Windcave

Enter in your HIT credentials. They should be in the following format. If you get any username errors and they do not appear in the format below, please contact Windcave.

  • ScrHITUserId: YourCompanyNameMOVEHIT

  • ScrHITKey: 12da2e895fce807a04206ee4b37c9903c90f048657a513561a104f2da0a8d9b0

  • StationID: 3801454109

posBoss and Windcave pairing

Settings & Printing

Once your HIT credentials are successfully saved you will see the Status window. Here you can select whether to print receipts through the till printer. Tick this on if you want this to occur (and if your terminal has no printer).

Should you need to make changes to the HIT credentials details press the EDIT button at the top right.


Should any of the fields appear with a red border after saving - this means that the information entered is incorrect and not saving - therefore you will not be able to connect.

To confirm your details, contact Windcave but don't hesitate to get in touch with posBoss support if you get stuck. The button below will take you through some troubleshooting.

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