Network and Router Requirements

Get the best out of your wifi with these tips for your network

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Having a strong, reliable (and dedicated) network is key to the reliable running of your till system > the posBoss app, your printers and your payment terminals. 

Follow these three rules for a smooth operation...

  1. Strength - We recommend using a commercial router setup for optimal signal strength across your business. The free routers that come with an internet connection are often not capable of properly managing devices reliant on a strong wi-fi signal. 

  2. Locate - Location of the router is key! Place in an open area, not confined by solid walls, large metal objects or near other electronics (Cordless phones, Microwaves etc)

  3. Dedicate - Only set up devices dedicated to posBoss on your network. Other devices (especially streaming and cameras) can overload the wifi and cause major issues with printing and syncing your iPads. Most decent routers have two separate networks installed.

Click the button below for our high level network requirements for a network running the posBoss software, printers and payment terminals. Use this during your network setup or for help with troubleshooting router or Network issues.

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