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How do I set up recipe builder to calculate my cost of goods sold? How do I add products and suppliers?

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Key Points

  • When stock management is done right, it ensures profitability by tracking costs through recipes, prevents shortages, and reduces discrepancies via invoice loading and stocktakes. It's essential for consistent quality and operational efficiency.

  • We suggest getting started by tracking a few important items, and build them up over time...

  • To get your items costed out there are 2 main steps.

    • Add your Suppliers and Products: Add in all the products you use for ingredients in the system and add them to your Products list.

    • Enter your Recipes on your items, and report: Create recipes on your items and enter in the ingredients from your Products list. Then see what’s moved in the ingredients moved report and check your menu item GP's in the Items moved summary.

Detailed Steps

1. Add Your Suppliers and Products

  • Adding Suppliers can be done as part of the Stock Invoice function. Check out how to do it here.

  • Once your suppliers are set up let's get on to Products...

  • Products are the ingredients used in a recipe. They could be anything from an individual bottle of soft drink to a base ingredient, such as flour for a scone.

  • Products are created on your Bustle Hub under Stock Control > Products.

  • Click New Product

  • Add in one of your Suppliers, then search for the producer and product from our database by typing in the name in the Who makes it field. A list of corresponding producers will appear.

  • If your producer is there, select it and you will see a list of existing products. If both producer and product exist in the lists...

    • Select the product you’re after

    • Enter in the cost price (exclusive of GST)

    • Press Save

  • Can’t locate the Producer or product? Add the producer by typing the name in the Who makes it field then click the light blue field below to Add it

  • Double check your spelling and press the Save button if correct. If you need to change it, press Make a correction.

  • Once the Producer is correctly added, Type in the Product name and press the light blue field below to Add it.

  • Please note: You should add in the Producer name again here, otherwise reporting won't be as effective.

  • It's the same idea here as before with the spelling corrections, but this time you also need to add in the quantity.

  • Select the measurement type using the drop down and add in the quantity/volume. Then Press Save.

  • You will then be returned to the New Product screen with the fields completed. The final step is to add in your Cost Price (ex GST)

  • Press Save to add it to your Products list.

2. Create Your Recipes

  • Recipes are created within the Item itself. Let's make a glass of the Firebolt Shiraz!

  • Create a new, or edit an existing item on the Items page.

  • Head to the Costings section.

  • Here you will create the recipe for the item using the products you have set up earlier.

  • Select how many of this item your recipe produces (usually 1 unless you're entering the recipe for (e.g.) a full cake but you're selling it by the slice - then you might enter 8 serves)

  • Add your margin of error for any expected wastage (optional).

  • Click New Ingredient.

    • Add ingredients by typing in the name field and selecting from your products displayed.

    • Enter in the amount of the ingredient needed for the recipe.

    • Press Save when done

  • As you add ingredients, the costing calculations on the left of the section will update.

  • The GP% can also be seen on the item list on the Items page and also on the Total Value of Orders report under Reports (once the item has been sold in Bustle.

Ingredients Moved Report

  • To track the movement of your Products in real time, head to Stock Control, then Ingredients Moved.

What's next?

Once you're all set up, check out our instructions for adding Stock invoices and Stocktake.


  • If you have any issues adding suppliers, products or creating recipes, the first step is to follow these instructions and if the issue persists, reach out to our helpful support team through the messenger.

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