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How to remove a product from your stocktake
How to remove a product from your stocktake

Remove an ingredient from your stocktake or remove a product from Bustle altogether.

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Removing an item from your Bustle stocktake is easy!

But first, are you trying to remove the product from the count or altogether from the system?

Remove a product from your stocktake count

To remove the product, you need to do this when you create your next stocktake. If you have an incomplete stocktake you will need to complete and lock it.

Once you have started your new stocktake you will be able to edit the Locations and remove / add new products there. Scroll to the location your item is displayed and press Edit Products in this location

In the Edit Location screen you can press the Remove button on the product to remove it or use the drag handle to move the products up or down in the list.

Don't press the Delete button above as it will remove the location and all the products within. Press Done when you have finished editing.

You can also add more products at the bottom of the location.

By removing the product from the Location, it will not appear on the next stocktakes to be counted again unless you add it back in. But, it will still appear on your Current Stock page and in any previous Stocktakes and reports.

Remove the product from the system altogether

To remove a product, head to Stock > Products.

Locate the product and press the Edit button

Press Delete

Please note: If you are still using the product in items or mods, they will appear at the bottom of the product form. You can still delete the product, but this is a reminder that your recipe will change should you continue with the delete. You may need to review the recipe and replace the product where needed.

This will remove the product from your Stocktake, Current Stock page and any item it has been added to in the recipe builder. The product will still appear in historic reporting and past stocktakes.

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