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Create your settings and menu for our online ordering and payment app - Regulr

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Let's get set up to take mobile orders and payments!

To take orders and payments from your regulars (Regulr app users), you will need to be on our Regulr add-on plan. The cost to your business is only $39 + gst per month to set up your outlet to appear in the Regulr app and take remote orders and payment.

I'm keen to get started. What do I do?

Step 1 - Head to the Regulr tab on your Bustle Hub

Once Regulr has been added to your subscription, give your Bustle Hub a refresh, then click on the Regulr tab.

Get started on the Regulr Status tab which guides you through the process to get your outlet live and making bank!

Step 2 - Create your Regulr menu

Press the Make a Regulr Menu button to get started. These tick boxes will get filled once you have completed the setup for each.

You will notice that all of your current inventory items appear under the categories on the left of the page. You can use these or create new items with new prices for your offerings on the Regulr app. (Your Regulr menu can be different to your Bustle menu - AKA - if you want to only offer coffee and muffins, all good! Add only those items.)

​Please Note: If your pricing is different on Regulr to your normal menu - you need to set up new items. Make sure you add these new items to your Bustle iPad menu in a section set up to print - so when someone orders it, your dockets will print correctly. (See the IMPORTANT NOTE below for more info)

Create your one page menu by dragging and dropping your items and creating new sections on the Regulr menu preview screen, save your changes and when you're happy it's all looking good, press the Use Menu button to make this the active menu for Regulr.

Your menu will appear as Active, meaning that it is the menu displaying on the Regulr app.

Please Note: The menu will not show on the Regulr app until you make your outlet live on the Regulr Status page.


Items ordered through Regulr will print based on how those items are set up on your Bustle iPad menu... We recommend using your existing items but if you are using new items for Regulr you should create new sections on one of the pages of your iPad menu. Add the new Regulr items into those sections, then set up these new sections to print where they need to from your Bustle printer settings.
No printer? No problem - after accepting the order, it will be located in history on the iPad app (Settings > History > Orders)

Step 3 - Regulr Outlet Settings

This is where you create your Outlet to display in the Regulr app. Head to the Regulr tab again and click the Regulr Settings button, or press this button on the status page.

Design Regulr Outlet

Here's a quick breakdown of the fields to fill in:
​Order Receiving Device:
Select the iPad that you want to receive orders on from Regulr. Even if you only have one iPad running, make sure to select it from the dropdown.

Outlet Name:
The name of your business outlet.
e.g. Deluxe Cafe

Outlet Phone Number:
A phone number that Regulr users can call if they have any questions about their order or payments.

Outlet Opening Hours:
Whatever you write here is displayed in the Regulr App so that users know when they can order from you. This is only for display and does not manage when users can order. You could also put an approximate time it takes you to prepare orders - e.g.: Orders are ready within 15 minutes of being accepted.

Outlet Address:
The physical address of your business. Start typing your address and select the correct address when it pops up.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the address finder locates your address and then select it rather than type in the full address and hit save, otherwise your Regulr users will be unable to find you.

Logo Image:
Upload your outlet's logo image here. It should be a square image, no larger than 5mb. The ideal dimensions are 500px x 500px. If it doesn't save, your file is too big.

Hero Shot:
This is the area to upload your hero image. An image that represents your personal hospitality style. You will likely have some of these already for your website or Facebook page. Not sure what to upload? Download the Regulr app to your phone and check out what our other customers have done.
The pic should be no larger than 5mb and the ideal dimensions are 1200px x 960px.

Social Media handles:
Add in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles here to allow Regulr users to quickly find and follow your accounts.

Step 4 - Set up your payment account

Next on the list is to set up your Stripe account so you can receive payments through Regulr. Click the Setup your Regulr Payment Account button or hit the Payout Settings tab on the menu.

Here you set up your Merchant Account with our partner, Stripe.

Step 5 - Let's get Live!

Ready to roll? Here's where to turn it on. Your outlet will appear in the Regulr app, ready to take orders! This is also where you turn it off. (If you're too busy to take Regulr orders, switch it off here and your outlet will be temporarily removed. - Don't forget to switch it back on!)

REALLY SUPER IMPORTANT >>> Make sure you sync your menu on the till you have set up as your Order Receiving Device. This will ensure all orders arrive for you to process. If you are switching Regulr off every night, please make sure you sync your menu on the till as soon as you turn it on again. If you change the order receiving device to another till, make sure you sync all your iPads.


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