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Regulr - My outlet isn't showing on the Regulr app.
Regulr - My outlet isn't showing on the Regulr app.

Unable to see my outlet location when searching in Regulr

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This could be one of two things - but easily fixed.


Regulr was designed so that you told your regulars about it when they were close by or in your venue. So, you need to be within 30km of your outlet to see it in Regulr and you will see the top 45 venues closest to you.

However if no one at all can find you, near or far...

This is usually caused by the address field not quite being entered properly in the Regulr settings.

Head to your Bustle hub and click on the Regulr tab.
Select Settings.

Scroll down to the Outlet Address.
Start entering your address, making sure that you select the green dropdown that appears when you can see the correct one appear (this ties in your location with the maps on the Regulr user's phone)

Once selected, give the Regulr app a refresh your the phone and you should be good to go!

Are you switched on and ready to take orders?

Head to Regulr > Regulr Status and make sure you have switched the Start Taking Orders Now button on.

Get in touch of you have any further issues from there.


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