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Regulr - How do sales appear in cash ups and reporting?
Regulr - How do sales appear in cash ups and reporting?

Where do I see my Regulr sales on the dashboard and in reports?

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Your Regulr sales appear in a couple of places for your review. Let's take a look at these but first we'll answer the question...

On the Regulr Payouts page

Check out this article to view how we report on what's coming to your bank account and who owes you money after failed payments

Do Regulr sales appear in my Cash Up?

Regulr sales do appear in your cash up but only if you have received moneys for them at your venue through paying off the mobile account using cash or card on your Bustle till. Payments will appear on your cash up aspart of the Account & Vouchers cash or card payments, as below.

Your cash up only displays payments made by cash or card on the till. If payment is taken elsewhere, such as using the account "To Invoice" payment type to pay for a direct bank transfer for an event (for example), or in the case of Regulr - Getting paid by Stripe, then it will not appear in the cash up.

Should I still cash up every day?

Yes, you definitely should, even if at $0. Here's why...

Where do Regulr payments appear in Bustle reporting?

Regulr sales appear in two places.

Your Dashboard.

When an order arrives, you will see the number of orders and total value of the Items Moved through Regulr for the period selected.

Please note:

  • Orders received after service the day before will be counted in the previous day's total - even though you'll be accepting the orders in the morning.

  • If you refund a Regulr account in Stripe, or remove money from their mobile account to fix a double order accepted through the till - this will not be reflected in the number on the dashboard.

Your Sales Report

If Regulr customers use the Pay All Now option, the payment will appear on your sales report the day it is paid. Expect the payment from Stripe to be in your bank a couple of days afterwards.
If they use the Let it Ride option for paying once per week, the payment will show on the Sales report on the the Saturday or Sunday (depending on your reporting settings). Again, payments from Stripe take a couple of days.

In the pic below, you will see the amount assigned to accounts (via Regulr or normal account assignments) followed below by any Regulr payments made that day on the credit cards.


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