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Bustle cash up reporting graph

A daily snapshot of variances and sales progress based on your daily averages.

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The Bustle cash up graph tracks your sales progress based on an average of the same day over the past three weeks (eg: the past three Thursdays). It also displays your current day's variance, immediately pointing out if you are outside of your chosen margin.

So, how does it work?

On your Bustle Hub under Cash Ups, the top section displays the following two graphs...

On the left we have information based on the latest day's cash ups.

Actual Cash + Card

The top figure is the Cash + Card take from your latest cash up. The amount is matched against your performance over the same day from the previous three weeks and the percentage growth you've specified in the settings. (see further down)

The example above shows that todays cash up is well above the average of the last 3 Thursdays (by 18.81%). We have also set up that we want to see 1% growth, and so it displays a smiley face.


Underneath that is your variance from the last cash up. It's matched against the percentage of variance you have decided is acceptable, allowing you to immediately see if you need to investigate further.

In the example above, we have set a +/- 0% acceptable variance, meaning that all variance will show a thumbs down.

On the bottom right, you will see the settings button. Press this to set your margins.

Set the percentage of growth you want to see (based on an average of the past three weeks) and set your acceptable variance margin for each cash up:

Cash + Card variance trend graph

At the bottom you will see the variance trend graph. This is based on the cash ups that appear on the page below. It displays your day to day takes and any variances for the date range selected.



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