You have a few payment options to consider when using Regulr -

  1. You can take payment onsite through cash or card and assign it to their mobile account on the till

  2. Make them pay on the app as they pick up

  3. Let it ride until Sunday

  4. Invoice them through Stripe.

More on those options here...

What happens on a failed payment?

On the odd occasion, when the bill rides until Sunday - a Regulr user's card can fail to take payment. When this happens, we try charging the card a few more times over the next three days, all the while sending them polite messages about supporting your business and making sure their card is available to pay their bill.

At this point they can pop into your venue and pay it off with cash or card, or you can invoice them through Stripe from the management site.

What happens if payment failures continue?

If your customer doesn’t or can’t fix up their card after the three attempt at charging them, we suspend their account across all venues in Regulr. This means they can no longer order from you (or anyone else) until payment has been sorted.

What happens from here

At this point, we move the money owing to Stripe for collecting payment. We automatically create an invoice on the third failure and send it through to the customer's email address for payment.

Any payment failures will appear against the list of Regulr customers names on the management site in red as below:

The system has tried charging their card a number of times and has sent them a number of emails explaining how to pay via the automatic invoice or how to get in touch with you to sort their bill.

Select their mobile account on the management site to view the Invoice sent. It will be located under the previously settled section as it's now being managed in Stripe.

Click on View Invoice to see the Status. It will show you when it has been paid here as well as unlocking their account. It also shows the due date and has a link to the invoice in Stripe.

Should they not pay by the due date, you have their email address and can reach out to them via email, but If they don’t respond then you are within your rights to file a theft report with the authorities - something we can help point you towards, but can’t do on your behalf.

Check out our Regulr Payouts page and head to the bottom section to get a total of what's owing and drill down into each account.

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