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What is displayed & what can you do with accounts & vouchers on your Bustle hub?

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If you aren't sure what Bustle accounts and vouchers are and how to manage them on the iPad app, head to the bottom of this article.*

Now, let's take a look at how accounts and vouchers appear on your Bustle hub.

Head to Accounts > Active Accounts (or Archived Accounts).

The accounts pages will appear as per the pic below. Here you can Search by account name or email address. Alternatively, drop down the account type row and scroll to find the account you're after.

By default you will only see accounts that owe money or are in credit. To see all accounts, activate the Show Settled Accounts button.

Click anywhere on a row to display the account information

Account Highlights

The top section displays all the account information, including total owing, the account limit and discount rate.

Current Owing

This section displays the accumulation of orders currently on the account. You have the choice of viewing a summary of the items ordered, or the breakdown of all actions on the account.

Looking to send an electronic summary to a customer? Check out how here.

Let's take a look at both...


The summary shows a list of all the items on the orders assigned to the account, followed by any discounts, payments and balance. Please note here that if you are assigning a partial amount of a bill to the account, all items will appear on the account. Bustle is not able to decide what items were for account vs. cash and card. So, counting up all the items may not equal the Total Bill amount. Total Bill will represent what values were actually assigned to the account.

In this case, Bobby's companion paid $4 on card for their own Vienna, but as it is on the order, the item appears.


The account breakdown shows all actions on the account, from the orders and values of the bill assigned, to the times and dates and staff member who assigned the order. Totals, discounts and remaining balance appear at the bottom.

Please note that you may see a full item list of an order, if a partial payment for that order gets assigned to an account. We are unable to determine what items are paid for with a part payment so we display all.

Previously Settled

Any account transactions that fully settle the account are displayed here should you need to access a previous payment or assignment.

Archived Accounts

Archived accounts are accounts and vouchers that have been paid off to a $0.00 balance and archived on the iPad. They are displayed in the same way as for active accounts except there is no current owing section and the Show Settled Accounts button is no longer there.

*What are accounts and vouchers?*

Accounts are customer or staff tabs you can set up to run over multiple days of trade. Vouchers are a type of account that are used for pre-paid gift vouchers you sell and take the money through Bustle via cash or card.

Accounts and vouchers are managed on the Bustle iPad app but you can view their history breakdowns and summaries on your Bustle hub.

View the videos for accounts and vouchers below.

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