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What is displayed in the Ingredients Moved Summary report?

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In our Ingredients Moved Summary report you can view the movement of all your products set up as ingredients on your recipes attached to your menu items. If an item is ordered on the Bustle Till app, the breakdown of ingredients will be updated here.

Use the date selector to choose a date range for your report. It defaults to loading yesterday's report. You can also export the report to a .CSV file. Prices on this page are GST incl.

By default, your entire ingredient list will appear, whether ordered or not. To only view ingredients that have moved in your orders, toggle the Show unused ingredients button off.

Report Layout

You can sort by any of the columns in the report. For each ingredient you will see the unit of volume, cost price (incl. GST), the volume moved +/- the Wastage Margin of Error you have added for the item. Finally you will see the gross cost price (incl.GST) for the amount of the ingredient moved.

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