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Regulr Success Step 1 - Plan your Specials and Discounts
Regulr Success Step 1 - Plan your Specials and Discounts

Planning your menu, prices, specials and discount strategies for mobile sales with Regulr

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Regulr was built with one purpose in mind - to make it easy for your regular customers to order, pay and get rewarded like a regular should. Here are some tips on how to achieve success and get your regulars ordering more!

1. Let's talk about pricing

With Regulr you can offer a price point for your tasty offerings that differs to your daily menu on Bustle. This allows you to offer discounts to reward your regulars ordering through the app as well as gives you the flexibility to charge a little more to cover a change in portion size, or for packaging.

To get you thinking, let's look at an example of lowering your coffee price from $4.50 to $4.00 on Regulr (only) instead of offering a 10 trip card.

In an effort to get your regulars coming back and ordering more often, you could offer:

10 Trip coffee card (10th coffee free)

The regular saves $4.50 but to get that $4.50 they have to order 10 times.

Regulr discounted price (11 x $4.00 coffee)

The regular saves $5.50 and is feeling special as they get a deal every day.

Let's be honest - we all love a deal and who doesn't love a deal you can get daily??Which would you choose?

2. Keep your menu short & simple

Spend some time to plan out a simple, easy-to-navigate menu that you want to present. Do you need to have every item showing? Or can you limit it to your Top 10 best sellers?

To keep it streamlined you could purpose-build some items like the coffee below.

Example: Use mods to reduce the number of items you display. You could even reduce coffee to one item button, using a note for those rarely ordered options - like the Cortado?

Coffee Item Layout

3. Make your big sellers stand out

The top sections of your mobile menu are your visual “high traffic” areas and your moment to shine! Create a menu section for your specials at the top of your menu. Need to get those brownies moving? Add a special!

Top Sellers

Use wording that will resonate with your customers. Use power words like “decadent” where possible to generate FOMO or add in that “special - for mobile customers only” (rewarding them for their loyalty).

4. Up-sell with mods

Mobile orders have proven to be slightly larger than in-store purchases, so tempt your regulars with an up-sell using mods, boosting that spend per order!

Use mods to up-sell

5. Work your GP leaders into the menu

Similar to the tip above, do you know what items on your menu make you the most gross profit? With the Bustle recipe builder, you can see what items make you the big bucks $$$.

Run the Bustle GP on items ordered report over a couple of recent months and sort by Gross Margin %. The high (70+) percent GP items are your money makers and should be the ones you push.

The items outlined below are the GP leaders and perfect for the top of your menu!

GP Leaders

Once you decide on your menu, prices and specials, it's time to execute the plan!

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