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What iPads work with Bustle
What iPads work with Bustle

What model iPad and iOS version numbers does an iPad have to be to run Bustle

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What model iPad should you be using and what iOS version?

In short - get an iPad that can at least run iOS 14.

If you are purchasing a new iPad, we strongly suggest you buy one that can at least run iOS 14. This will ensure you have a good few years of smooth running and be able to install iOS 16/17.

Apple has stopped support for iOS12 and we will not be able to support and develop on these. From November 3, 2023 Bustle iPad app will no longer support iOS 12 devices.

Please check out this article to see a list of iPads and what iOS they can run. The iOS version is bolded.

How do I tell if my current iPad is still compatible?

To check what model iPad you have and what iOS version you iPad is running head to Settings > General > About

Make sure you are on the latest version of iOS here in settings - if you are unable to update to iOS 12 - you need to replace your iPads ASAP. If you can get to iOS 12 but not iOS 14 it's time to look to upgrade in the next few months.

If you can update to iOS 14 or greater, please do so outside of service (the process can take a couple of hours sometimes) and once done. Please upgrade Bustle using this process.

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