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Regulr - Manually invoice a Regulr bill through Stripe
Regulr - Manually invoice a Regulr bill through Stripe

Can I send an invoice to a Regulr customer? How does a Regulr customer change credit card after a payment failure

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Manual invoicing of a Regulr account balance through Stripe is possible using the process below. This process can be useful for when the customer has had a payment failure on Regulr but need to use a different card. Once they have paid the invoice, their Regulr account will be active and set to $0 and they can replace their card. An invoice also kicks off automatically, should the customer have three payment failures in the app.

Manual Invoicing Process

You can manually send an Invoice through Stripe, via the customers mobile account record on your Bustle Hub. To invoice the current owing, press the Create Invoice button on the customer's mobile account.

In the Create Invoice window, you can change the due date. We have also added an additional comment for the invoice that shows the date range that is being paid off. You can also add further comments in this field if needed.

Press Generate Invoice when ready. This will create the draft invoice in stripe that gets sent out after an hour. This clears the account balance as it has moved it into Stripe for collection. You can click on the View Invoice link to see the status of the payment.

Should you need to make any changes once the draft has been created you can view the invoice in Stripe.

Let's now take a look at how it looks in stripe and what you can (and shouldn't) do. Once the Invoice is created, the payment moves off Bustle and into stripe.

A couple of things you can do to the draft are...

  1. Edit the draft before sending

  2. Send the draft straight away

A couple of things you should be aware of

  1. Don't delete the draft - Should you delete the draft there is no way to re-send it from Bustle. You would need to create a new draft in Stripe and send it that way - but this would lose the link from Bustle.

  2. If the customer doesn't pay a manually created invoice, there is no way for us to suspend an account because of this.

Can I reverse an invoice if I have sent it already?

You can send a credit note in Stripe by pressing the ellipses (...) on the invoice, select Credit Note and follow Stripe's process. Please Note - this should only be used if you have received payment another way. Doing this will mark the invoice as paid.

Does the invoice have an itemised summary?

Yes, there is a link in the notes of the invoice that will take the customer to a web page with their breakdown of items.

Get Stripe Set up for invoicing

Now that you know the process, get Stripe set up with your GST number and branding.

As a Reminder on payment failures in Regulr...
What happens if a customer's credit card declines on the Regulr app?

After three declines on the customer's card in the Regulr app, the process above occurs automatically. An invoice is sent to the customer's email address to collect payment. Check out the full Regulr payment failure process here...

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