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How do I view voids in posBoss
How do I view voids in posBoss

How can I look at what is voided on the till, and by whom?

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Voids in posBoss are indicated by a line through the item (strikethrough).

You can view voids in two places.

Voids in the history on the posBoss iPad till app

You can find voids by quickly checking through the transactions on the iPad. Head to Settings > History and select Transactions. Voids will appear with strikethrough as per the pic below.

If you have our Emoji Staff Logins turned on you will be able to view staff member's initials to the left of any voided item name. This indicates the team member who voided the specific item.

Voids on the iPad till app

Voids in the history page on the management site

The other area you can view voids is the History page on the management site. This will allow you to go back more than the 2 days of history the iPad app shows.

  • Press the Orders button

  • Select to only show orders with voided items

The orders display how many voided items appear within them...

And, inside the Order record, you can track which staff member processed the void using our emoji staff logins. One thing to note is that searching by staff member on this page will return results of the person who processed the order, not necessarily who made the void.


Voids have also been added to the Hospo Wastage Refunds report to give you more visibility of what actions are happening on the posBoss app.

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