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Emailing Receipts to customers
Emailing Receipts to customers

How do I email a receipt to a customer from Bustle?

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Need to email a receipt to a customer? We've got you covered.

From the iPad app

There are two spots on the Bustle Till iPad app that allow you to email a receipt.

From the payment confirmation popup.

Once you have made the transaction, a small confirmation window appears. From here you can email the receipt (and also reprint a receipt if you have a printer)

From History

Also on the iPad app, you can email a receipt from history. Press the Settings button at the top left of the screen and select history. Ensure you select Transactions at the top.

Select the transaction you wish to email and it will appear on the right. At the bottom of the page press the Reprint button and select Email Receipt.

You can then enter in the email address and press send. As long as the iPad is online it will send, or if you are offline it will send as soon as you are back online. If you are emailing a receipt from an account, the email address will automatically fill out.

From History on your Bustle Hub

If you can no longer find the receipt on the iPad, it will be available on the History page of your Bustle Hub.

See more about how to use the History page and download or email receipts in the article below.

Emailing account summaries from your Bustle Hub

You can also email summaries and breakdowns from your Bustle Hub. Please refer to the article below for the process.

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