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Can I change categories and subcategories?
Can I change categories and subcategories?

What are the categories and subcategories? The current list doesn't suit my business - what can I do?

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Categories and subcategories on your Bustle Hub are set system wide for all customers. The table below is the current list available on your Bustle Hub.




Espresso Filter

Pour Over Black



Cabinet Entree

Main Dessert

Sides Extras

Supplied Baked

Shared Fresh Produce

Pizza Kids Meals


Wine Beer

Spirits Aperitif

Digestif Cocktail

Non Alcoholic

Juice Fizz

Water Smoothie

Milkshake Mocktail



Food Non-alcohol

Alcohol Coffee

Product In-house



Accommodation Event



*none available

Categories are set in stone to support future benchmark reporting but we are open to creating new subcategories as long as they are relevant to hospitality.

If you have any suggestions for subcategories you'd like to see, please follow the same instructions for Requesting a Change to find our list of submissions. Vote for the submission titled 'I want to add a new subcategory' and advise in the comments the subcategories you'd like to see in Bustle.

We frequently review these requests so do take the time to log them in and vote. If we see enough requests for similar subcategories, there's a higher chance it will be fought for by our team!

Thanks for helping us improve Bustle.

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