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Square - Troubleshooting issues
Square - Troubleshooting issues

What to do if you can't setup or take payments with posBoss and Square...

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Quick Fixes:

  • Close and restart the posBoss iPad till app.

  • Check the Square Reader is connected under the iPad Settings > Bluetooth or within the Square App

  • Reboot the iPad.

  • Are you using an iPad with iOS13/14? It so head to Settings > Safari on your iPad. Scroll down near the bottom and press "Request Desktop Website" - and make sure the All Websites button is toggled to OFF. Try the setup process again.

  • Still not working? Follow the Square troubleshooting guide

Here’s some  advanced troubleshooting tips if the above doesn't work.

  1. Try restarting your router. Turn off the router for a full minute then restart it. Leave it for another couple of minutes. Please note: If you have Star printers, the IP address may have changed so you’ll need to search for printers again in the posBoss printer settings.

  2. Have there been any recent changes on your network? You may need to contact your IT provider to assist.

  3. Contact posBoss support and advise what you've tried.

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