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How do I start my subscription? I've set up the management site, now what?

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You are one step closer to officially joining the posBoss fam!

How to start your subscription:

  • Head to the management site and log in.

  • Click the Settings cog at the top right of the site then select Subscription

  • Press the Manage Your Subscription button.

  • On this page you will need to select how often you want to pay, your base plan, and any add-ons.

  • Double check you have selected correctly and press the Let's Do It button at the bottom of the page.

  • Enter in your credit card details and press the pay button to activate.

From here you will be able to log into your iPads using your posBoss email and password and start trading! ๐ŸŽ‰

Subscription information:

  • Upon the initial start of your subscription, you get two weeks free on us for monthly and annual plans (weekly get charged within 48 hours).

  • After your two weeks free, subscriptions are charged in advance. e.g. If you pay on September 1 - you have paid for all of September

  • Any changes made to your subscription (adding Paperless etc) are paid in the next bill. See the info here on how proration works.

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