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dojo Payments (UK)- Initial Setup
dojo Payments (UK)- Initial Setup
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Do you have a dojo terminal (PDQ)? Let's get your terminal and Bustle talking!

Before we start here's some things to note

What terminals can I use?

Integration is available with all dojo terminals, the PAX A920 and the PAX A80.

Please Note: We highly recommend having a dedicated network, solely for Bustle and dojo if you are setting up integrated eftpos.

Getting Set Up

1. Set up the dojo terminal for integration with Bustle.

Once you receive the terminal you are ready for integration with Bustle. If you've had the dojo terminal integrated with another point of sale previously, send a brief email to to let them know and they will get everything switched across for you.

The credentials from dojo for the setup will appear like this:

  • Host Address:

  • Password (API key): 12da2-abc5-fce8-07a0-4206ee4fg7

We recommend you send this information to your iPad where you can copy and paste it into the fields in Bustle as the key is quite long.

2. Set up Bustle to be ready for dojo integration

Head to your Bustle hub
Select your provider in Setup > iPad Setup on your Bustle hub.

Here you will see the Payment (Eftpos) Integration selector. Click inside the button where it says None then select your provider - Dojo Payments. And finally, click Save.

Head to the iPad, Sync and Set up:

  1. In the Bustle iPad till app, press Settings and then Sync Menu.

  2. You should now see a button in Settings called Eftpos. Press that button then press Connect.

  3. Follow the instructions on the page and enter in your dojo credentials

  4. Press Connect

Once connected you will get a Terminal selection window where you select the terminal you are wanting to connect to. Once selected the following window appears:

Settings & Printing

POS Receipt printing - Here you can select whether to print receipts through the till printer. Tick this on if you want this to occur and it will add to the bottom of the Bustle receipt.

Request end of day report - at the end of service when you are ready to do your cash up, pop in here and press this button. The totals for the day will appear on screen. You can use these totals to manually enter into the Bustle cash up.

Change Terminal - use this to switch to another terminal. Not recommended during service as your end of day report would only be a partial amount of the actual. It would only show takings from the currently connected terminal. This button would be used if you swap out a terminal or if your terminal breaks. We would recommend pressing the Disconnect button in most cases and setting up a new terminal fresh.

Disconnect - This button disconnects you from the dojo terminal. When disconnected, the card button on the payments screen no longer sends any values to the terminal - it only records that you have taken a card payment.

Start taking payments!

Once you have this window appearing, you are connected and ready to take payments. When you want to pat for an order, tab or table, press the Pay button on Bustle and then press the Card button.

Bustle will contact the dojo terminal and allow you to run through the payment process. Once successful, you will receive a success message and the payment will complete.

Should there be an issue with the payment, you will see the appropriate message appear on screen, and you will be able to try again or settle the bill another way.

Most of all, have fun! It should all work seamlessly, but if you have any trouble, we are always here to help.


Should you have any issues connecting dojo to Bustle, try the following

  1. Make sure your iPad is connected to your correct wi-fi and can access the Internet (browse to a news website like

  2. Reboot the iPad and the dojo terminal and try again

  3. Reach out to support via the dojo help Centre or Bustle Support Messenger and the teams will assist.

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