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Bustle Till - iPad Issues
Emoji Staff Logins - Unable to login with emojis
Emoji Staff Logins - Unable to login with emojis

Unable to log in with emojis to the Bustle app? How to refresh the app so new staff members can log in.

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After adding new staff members or updating existing ones, you will need to refresh the login page. This is done by one of two ways:

  1. Log in with a working Emoji login and head to Settings > Sync Menu.

  2. Enter in an incorrect Emoji login three times and a refresh button will appear at the bottom of the page (pic below). 

Refresh posBoss Login screen

Press the refresh button and the screen will refresh and display the following. If there is an error, make sure your iPad is connected to the Internet and try again.

posBoss Staff members refreshed

Still unable to login?

In rare cases, your iPad app could have been deactivated. To check this, try a full close and restart of the Bustle app. If the device has been deactivated it means that someone has logged in with the same account on another iPad. After a restart, you will be prompted to log in to Bustle again.

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