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Send account invoices with Bustle Pay
Send account invoices with Bustle Pay

Invoice customer accounts from your Bustle Hub.

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Want to send an invoice for a customer or corporate account in directly from your Bustle hub? You can with Bustle Pay! Here's how...

Step 1 - Set up Bustle Pay

The only requirements for account invoices are having a Bustle Pay account set up in Stripe, and your TAX number set up in your Receipt Settings page. If you have already set up your Bustle Pay account for Bustle Online, you are good to go. Otherwise to get set up, the best way is to head to your Bustle hub and go to Accounts > Invoices, then press the Setup Bustle Pay now button.

Bustle Pay uses Stripe Express - so you will need some digital Identification and your bank number for the setup process. The whole process is easy but set aside 15-30 mins to get it done.

Step 2 - Send Invoices to Customers

You likely already have open accounts you want to get paid. It's easy from here!!

Create the Invoice

Locate the account you wish to invoice under Accounts > Active Accounts, and open it up.

Press the Create Invoice button on the Current Owing balance to get started.

Note: you can only invoice the full Current Owing amount.

The invoice window will open. Here you will see the details about to be sent to the customer along with the included Invoice Processing Fee.

You can edit the Invoice Details and Additional Comments field before sending.

Additional comments is a great place to add in the Billed To address of your customer so it appears on the invoice. Please check the requirements of Invoices in your region to ensure you have the correct information entered.

Check the email address: Now is a good time to double check your customer email address is correct. Any issues, you will need to edit the address on the account in the iPad app (do this before sending the invoice).

Itemised summary: The invoice will also have an attached summary of items on the account, once sent. To get this summary looking nice and in your own branding style, set up your branding here.

Once all wording is checked and you are happy, press Create Invoice - note that you cannot edit the invoice once sent.

The confirmation screen will pop up. Once confirmed, the balance on the account will immediately be removed from the iPads.

Invoice Processing Fees

Online payments (otherwise known as CNP - card not present transactions) incur a handling fee that is likely a little higher than your terminal. The charges are 4.9% on each transaction. For transactions under $20 the fee is reduced to 2.9% + 30 cents.

Currently, the charge is taken out of the full amount due, so in the example above for a $221.40 account, there is a $10.85 processing fee, meaning you will receive $210.55.

On-charging fees

We'd love your feedback on this! Are you keen for us to automatically add the fee on the customer's bill? Let us know by voting on the existing change request called On-charge Processing Fees to customers in our Feedback tool. (will only take 1 minute)

Draft Invoice Created

Once the draft is created you have 1 hour until it is sent from Stripe.

At this point you can delete the invoice before sending - but please note that this will now be unrecoverable in Bustle.

Invoice Sent

After the hour, the invoice is sent to your customer's email address. Once sent, it will most likely get paid, and happy times are here! But there are a few actions you can do at this stage if needed.

These are:

Mark as paid - Used when the customer has paid outside of Bustle or the invoice.

Void - If you're wiping the debt (similar to deleting the draft invoice).

Mark as uncollectible - used for those frustrating times when you can't collect funds.

To do this, press Change Status

Then select and confirm the option you want to perform.

Customer Receives and Pays Invoice

The customer will receive the invoice in their email address and get it paid.

Once paid they can download a copy of their invoice or receipt, which contains a link to their itemised summary.

Step 3 - Review your Invoices and view payments

There is a new page on your Bustle hub that displays your invoices and their statuses.

Here you can view the totals at the top of the page, and the individual invoices below. You can sort by the columns or select a filter from the dropdown. Each row has a link to view more information about the invoice.

Viewing payments

To view your payments in Bustle Pay, head to Setup > Bustle Online and press the Get Paid your way button to go to the Payments page. Press View Payouts - this will take you through to Bustle Pay payments (a portal to your Stripe Express account). Here you can view payments from both account invoicing and Bustle Online.

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