Eftpos integration is included on our Control Add on. Check if you are on Control on your management site under Settings > posBoss Settings > Subscription.

Please note: If you have not selected your eftpos supplier in the management site Control settings - the eftpos button will not appear. 

And here is the list of eftpos providers we work with:

If you don't have control, here's how to add it:

Once you're on Control you can select your provider on the Control tab in your settings:
Settings > posBoss Settings > Control.

You will see the following. Click inside the button where it says None.

posBoss Eftpos Integration

then select your provider

posBoss Eftpos Integration Selection

and finally, click Save. You will see some links below to help you get set up.

posBoss Saving Eftpos Selection

To get the eftpos button appearing in the posBoss iPad app,

  • Open the app and press the settings button at the top right
  • Press Sync Menu
  • Close and restart posBoss and the button should be there to continue your setup.


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