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Eftpos and Payment Options - Australia
Eftpos and Payment Options - Australia

Get Bustle to talk to your payment terminal. What payment integration does Bustle have in Australia?

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You can use any payment solution alongside Bustle but to automatically send the bill total to the payment terminal (integration), we have the following options to select from:

In Australia, Bustle partners with

Tyro, Smartpay, Windcave and Square.

Things to note:

  • Payment Integration is included on all of our base subscription plans.

  • We strongly recommend having a dedicated network running on a business grade router, solely for Bustle and your payment solution if you are setting up integrated eftpos. Other devices joining the network can cause communication issues at busy times.

Let's look at the options!

posBoss and Tyro

When it comes to payments and business-only banking, Tyro provides a fresh alternative. Being Australia’s largest EFTPOS provider of all ADIs outside the big four, Tyro provides tailored EFTPOS, effortless business loans and banking solutions that support over 25,500 Australian businesses. 

Tyro connects simply with Bustle & Xero software; and offers a world of possibility by connecting customers with innovative software and apps that help build business.

Easy to use and designed to save customers time and money... get in touch and join the thousands of Australian businesses that are already banking with Tyro!

Contact Tyro

Smartpay (Smartlink) and SmartConnect)

posBoss and Smartpay

Save time at the checkout with Bustle and Smartpay. Simple, innovative, and seamless connectivity, Smartpay’s integration with Bustle saves time, increases accuracy, and streamlines the sales counter and payment process.  
For all your hospitality needs, integration with Smartpay and Bustle is the way to go.

Payment integration is available with the following terminal models: 


  • Smartpay D210 (mobile Wifi)

  • Smartpay S80 + S300 (hardwired counter-top)

  • Smartpay S800+ S300 (hardwired counter-top)

  • Smartpay S800(hardwired counter-top)

  • Smartpay S920 (In Wifi mode only)


  • Smartpay S920 mobile Wifi/GPRS (can be run on either)

  • Smartpay S800 fixed IP

  • Smartpay S80/S300 Fixed IP

  • Smartpay S800/S300 Fixed IP

  • Smartpay D210 mobile Wifi

  • Smartpay S90 mobile GPRS

  • Smartpay S900 (no longer sold)

Contact Smartpay 

For Sales:

1800 531 490

Smartpay Support:

For all setup or support issues, call the Smartpay support team on 1800 433 876

posBoss and Windcave

Windcave (formerly Payment Express) is a high-growth global leader in Payment Technology.

Whether you’re a sole trader or a multi-site operator Windcave has a solution to help your hospitality business take payments.  

Use Bustle with Windcave’s Integrated Eftpos Solution to streamline your Eftpos payments and take advantage of their bundled Merchant Services offering.

Payment integration is available on all terminals - but works best on the following terminal models:

  • CHU200M

  • Move5000 

  • IWL25C

Windcave also supports all major payment methods including Chinese payment methods like Alipay & WeChat Pay meaning you no longer need to sign up with your bank to process credit cards.

Contact Windcave now for a no obligation quote:

posBoss and Square

Square lets you accept debit and credit card payments whether you're at the counter or on-the-move. Choose the Square Reader which suits your business, and then accept contactless cards, chip cards and mobile wallets quickly and securely. Pay just 1.9% per tap, insert or swipe for Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards, then see funds in your bank account as fast as the next business day. 

Please note: We only integrate with the Square reader and Square Stand at this point.

Get in touch with Square below:

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