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Integrated Payment Options - UK
Integrated Payment Options - UK

Get Bustle to talk to your payment terminal. What payment integration does Bustle have in the UK?

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You can use any payment solution alongside Bustle but to automatically send the bill total to the payment terminal (integration), we have the following options to select from:

In the UK, Bustle partners with

dojo Payments, Windcave and Square.

Things to note:

  • Payment Integration is included on all of our base subscription plans.

  • We strongly recommend having a dedicated network running on a business grade router, solely for Bustle and your payment solution if you are setting up integrated eftpos. Other devices joining the network can cause communication issues at busy times.

Now, let's look at the options!

Since launching in 2019 to address business owners’ pain points across the UK, Dojo have seen incredible growth as a scaling fintech, welcoming over 150,000 customers and growing the Dojo team to 1,000+ people across five locations. In that time, they've also introduced Dojo Virtual Queues & Bookings and the Dojo restaurant finder app, formerly known as WalkUp and loved by 1,000 restaurants and 750,000 diners.

Today, they work towards their mission to empower businesses to thrive in the Experience Economy by creating the tools and technology that turn transactions into meaningful relationships. For business customers, that means fast funding, the fastest payments, smart integrations, and efficient virtual queues & bookings - all with instant insight across the board. For diners, that means getting seated at their favourite restaurants in just a couple of taps on the Dojo app. Whether it’s for busy business owners or hungry diners, every Dojo product is built to address real customer pain points by our dedicated teams in London, Bristol, Hull and Belfast.

Let us get in touch with dojo for you.

Keen to find out more? Reach out through the support messenger or email Bustle support on and we'll happily put you in touch.

Find out even more on the dojo website

posBoss and Windcave

Established in 1997 in New Zealand, Windcave stands as a high-growth, innovative leader in payment technology. We offer a seamless, global platform catering to diverse clientele including corporate, banking, and SMEs. By consolidating payment needs through a single provider, Windcave streamlines payment processes, ensuring superior experiences for countless global brands. Our services span online, in-store, and unattended environments, boasting features such as global acquiring, tokenization, data insights, cross-border services, and support for all popular payment methods.

Payment integration is available on all terminals - but works best on the following terminal models:

  • CHU200M

  • Move5000

  • IWL25C

Windcave also supports all major payment methods including Chinese payment methods like Alipay & WeChat Pay meaning you no longer need to sign up with your bank to process credit cards.

Contact Windcave now for a no obligation quote:

posBoss and Square

Square lets you accept debit and credit card payments whether you're at the counter or on-the-move. Choose the Square Reader which suits your business, and then accept contactless cards, chip cards and mobile wallets quickly and securely. Pay just 1.9% per tap, insert or swipe for Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards, then see funds in your bank account as fast as the next business day.

Please note: We only integrate with the Square reader and Square Stand at this point.

Get in touch with Square below:

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