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Cash Drawer Won’t Open

What to do when the cash drawer doesn't open.

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Firstly, Are you still able to print at all? If not - click the button below:

If you can still print try these quick fixes

Most likely cause - network/router issue. 

  1. Is it a compatible cash drawer? It needs to be 24v and have a RJ12 plug (Standard Receipt Printer Connector).

  2. Check the cash drawer cable - remove and replace into back of printer.

  3.  Check that the cash drawer is not locked.

  4.  Go to Settings > Printers and check everything is set up correctly.

  5.  Check iPad is on correct Wi-fi. 

  6.  Close and restart the Bustle app + reboot iPad 


 In the Bustle iPad app, go to Settings > Printers, select the first printer and press Open Cash Drawer. Does it open?

Is it an mPOP printer?

Here’s an advanced troubleshooting guide. Test the cash drawer again after each step:

  1. Try removing the iPad from the network and connecting again. Got to the iPad settings > Wi-Fi and click the blue information button at the far right. Press “Forget This Network”. Locate the network and log into it again using your password.

  2. Are the printers properly cabled into the router? is the Cash drawer properly cabled to the printer? Try taking the cables out and plug them back in.

  3. Try turning off the router for a full minute then restarting it. Leave it for another couple of minutes. If you have Star printers, the IP address may have changed so you’ll need to get the IP and enter in again to the printer settings.

  4. Delete and reinstall Bustle using the process below:

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