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Step 3 - Personalise your settings + Subscribe!
Step 3 - Personalise your settings + Subscribe!

All you need to know about entering receipt information, GST number and more into Bustle, plus - how to start your subscription

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There are main two areas for Settings.

1. Company Settings

2. Receipt Settings

Head to Setup > Receipt Settings on your Bustle Hub. Here's where you enter your details to appear on receipts, and more. There is a walkthrough at the bottom of the page if you get stuck.

Starting your Subscription!

The next step is to connect your iPad(s) to your Bustle Hub but to do that, you'll need to have a working subscription.

By now you should know which plan to go for but if you're still unsure, pop through the support channel and someone will help you out!

Woohoo are you getting excited? We're so close to the end!

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