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Step 4 - Set up and Sync your iPad/s
Step 4 - Set up and Sync your iPad/s

All you need to know about getting your iPads ready for day one.

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How to set up your iPads

1. Find posBoss on the app store

On your iPad, head to the App Store and search for posBoss. Press the download cloud to install.

2. Log in to the posBoss iPad app

Open the posBoss iPad app and press the Login button. Enter in your posBoss username and password (the same one as the management site). Then select your till - if you have more than one iPad make sure you've set up multiple devices so you can select them here.

3. Switch to Training mode now!

You're now using the live posBoss system. Switch to training mode now by pressing the Settings Button at the top right - then press Start Training

posBoss Training Mode

Training mode allows you to set up the iPad and test everything out without saving transactions and orders to your live reporting. (we can't purge live data)

4. Test Syncing the menu.

Whenever you make a change to your menu you need to sync the menu on each iPad - only take a few seconds. 

How to set up the different functionalities of the app

1. Printer setup

Got printers set up on your network? Let's find them on posBoss.

2. Eftpos setup

This depends on which eftpos company you are with. Select from the options below to get set up.

Verifone (Eftpos NZ), Smartpay Smartlink, Smartpay SmartConnect, BNZ PayClip, Tyro, Windcave or Square.

Which terminals work with posBoss??

3. Table layout 

Check out the article below and get those tables laid out!

4. Emoji Staff Logins setup

How to set up the Add ons

1. Regulr mobile ordering
Grow your business with Regulr for only $39+gst p/m.

This will get you started on your mobile ordering journey

2. Paperless Setup
Save time and money with Paperless Order Screens for only $39+gst p/m.

One last step and you're ready to start trading!

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