You're almost there... 

Now let's get ready for Day 1 with posBoss. Before your start date...

1. Test the system

Make sure you're still in Training Mode and follow the steps in the article below to make sure it's rockin!

2. Training the team

Before day 1, send the team the following link to Below is a link to the cut down version of our training videos  (the essential ones for your staff to know the till are the first 4).

And when you're ready (and still in Training Mode) get them to have a play on the till.

Then, when it's GO LIVE DAY....

1. Get out of Training Mode

Pop into Settings and press the Finish Training button. You are LIVE!

2. Log in to your management site

Log in to your management site on your phone or iPad so you can ask support questions through the conversation window quickly (if needed).

3. Cash up all iPads at the end of the day.

Once you've completed cash up on all your iPads the setup checklist on your management site will disappear. (as long as you've ticked off the other stages) 

Ans while we'er talking about Cash ups - If you have Xero, save some time by setting up our integration with Xero accounting

Congratulations on day 1 with posBoss!

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